Our first round of chess classes via zoom was a success.  A new session of chess starts next week, on June 23rd.  If you would like to use any of your credit, send us an email BEFORE enrolling so we can get you signed up and apply the credit.

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If you have any requests or suggestions for classes you'd like to see, please let us know: info@kidztyme.org.  


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Thank you for your support in the 2016 Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards.  We were flattered to be named as a finalist and we could not believe the level of support we got from our families.  Thank you!  


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Our classes have minimum enrollment requirements and instructors require advance notice in order to prepare.  When registrations are received at the last minute, it is sometimes the case that a class had to be canceled due to low enrollment which would've had sufficient enrollment had the registration been submitted in a more timely manner. It is our experience that earlier registrations leads to fewer disappointed students.  Thank you.

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