Piano (Musical Keyboarding), grades K-5
Christy Paty
Chaparral: Room 7 (location info)
Wednesday, 1:40 PM - 2:25 PM
01/29/20 - 03/11/20 (6 weeks)

This is an introductory class in which students learn the basic “nuts and bolts” of the piano keyboard with lots of hands-on participation. Students will learn a variety of fun, easy-to-play songs. A great time will be had by all as they learn how to clap and speak rhythms and move to a beat. All of the notes of the music alphabet will be explored along with simple notation (note values) and dynamics such as "forte" (loud) and "piano" (soft). This may be the inspiration… Little Mozarts, come one, come all! Class size is limited to six students. Students must have a piano or simple keyboard at home for practicing.