Terms & Conditions

By signing below, I indicate that I have read and agree to the following: The school district, Mote, KidzTyme, and its subcontractors do not maintain health insurance for injuries to the participants that may arise out of involvement in this program. By virtue of participation, my child may risk bodily injury and/or other loss including damage to property. I knowingly and freely assume all such risk for my child. I release and hold harmless and will not hold legally responsible the school district, Mote or KidzTyme (or their officers, agents, contractors, subcontractors, or employees) with respect to any and all such injury and/or loss except that injury or loss which results from negligence or willful misconduct from one of the individuals or organizations.  I am aware that KidzTyme employees do not have access to any items held in the school office, the nurse's office, nor the after-school childcare office (ESS), such as epi-pens, inhalers, etc. I agree to inform my child that he/she must follow all safety rules, as well as any others given during his/her participation in the After School Enrichment Program. As the parent/legal guardian of the individual named above, I, the undersigned, hereby grant permission to KidzTyme, its owners, employees, or any other public or private agency authorized by KidzTyme, the use and rights associated to the use of my child’s photograph, video image, or voice, in promotional publications, and other media, without compensation.